Don't have the money? Give us a challenge!

Don't have the money to back your dare? That's OK. Tell us your idea and we can pair it with someone who has the money. No worries! We're flexible here at "Dare me D.C"! We're also willing to accumulate small payments to do one big dare! So, go ahead, tell ALL your friends about us! And, add us to your blogroll. Visit us often, we plan on updating as frequently as possible. Want us to jump in the frigid waters of the Potomac? Show me the money!

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Aaron said...


J said...

Oh wow. I hadn't thought of that one. How much do you think it is worth to shave my beard? How about my head?

Aaron said...

Or both? Let me talk to my financial advisor/accoutant (aka wife) and see what we can come up with.

ooo ooo ooo What if you save my name in your head? something like http://www.justinvalentine.org/back%20of%20justin%27s%20head.jpg but with "Aaron"?

I'd totally pay for that. And extra for each day you keep it.

Aaron said...

Shave rather not "save"

J said...

I think you are on to something. Let's see how much you are willing to pay first. If it is not enough, maybe we could take donations for a while until it has come to a predetermined level. Would you let me spell your name "Erin" so I wouldn't have to walk around with a man's name on my head? However, I suppose it is all in the price.

Aaron said...

Absolutely not. Maybe we could come up with something else--again depending on how much cash can be generated. For example, how much would "THUG" cost me versus a "AARON" or something else?

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