$30 dare - slinky and the western hemisphere's longest escalator

Alright, here is the video I promised. As mentioned before, Melissa M. dared us to launch a slinky on the western hemisphere's longest escalator, which is DC's own Wheaton stop on the metro's red line. It is 240 feet long and takes nearly three minutes to ride! Read on for the night's details.

We used this dare as an opportunity to have a night out. We let Melissa M. herself babysit our little guy and ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Thaiphoon. We hopped on the metro and encountered some girls doing a fabulous rendition of "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat."

We arrived at Wheaton and the escalator really scared M. She felt as if she would tumble down to the bottom at any time. She thought it was a little crazy being on moving stairs for that long and not getting off. The results of the experiment were not really what I had hypothesized. Click on the video to see what happened.

In case you were wondering, the world's longest escalator is at the Park Pobedy station in the Moscow metro system and is almost twice as long, at 410 feet, as the Wheaton station escalator.

Tune in next time to see the story of M and some wasabi.

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Slinky Teaser

Our second dare and video has been completed. But for some reason, youtube is taking it's sweet time posting it. So, be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, click "read more" to get a sneak preview about our most recent dare.

Melissa M. dared us for $30 to launch a slinky down the western hemisphere's longest escalator. We made the trip up to the Wheaton stop on the DC metro system and did just that. What happened? You'll have to wait and see. Hopefully very soon. In the meantime, let's all send some vibes to youtube telling them to upload my video.

Oh, by the way... I am getting a couple of other dares in. One friend wants Misty to eat what is called a Huhu grub for thirty dollars. Aaron O. wants me to shave my head and beard and possibly his name into my scalp. What do you think that one is worth?

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Don't have the money? Give us a challenge!

Don't have the money to back your dare? That's OK. Tell us your idea and we can pair it with someone who has the money. No worries! We're flexible here at "Dare me D.C"! We're also willing to accumulate small payments to do one big dare! So, go ahead, tell ALL your friends about us! And, add us to your blogroll. Visit us often, we plan on updating as frequently as possible. Want us to jump in the frigid waters of the Potomac? Show me the money!

Photo courtesy of blog.christmasinorlando.com
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Dare #1... Toothpaste and Orange Juice - $5

For $5, Mary, a good friend we knew when we lived in Cincinnati dared me to drink a glass of OJ directly after brushing my teeth. Nasty!

So what does this look like? Well, we took some photos for your enjoyment. For some reason, Asher wanted to join in on the "fun" so we have those pictures as well. Read more to see them!

Coincidentally, I recently heard a podcast from howstuffworks.com that told me why OJ tastes so bad after brushing. The culprit is likely sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which is the stuff that makes your toothpaste froth when brushing. Evidently, these suds block the sweet detecting buds on our tongue and destroy the phospholipids that normally block your bitter receptors. This creates the perfect storm for orange juice. The sweetness of the orange is blocked and whatever bitterness in the orange is unleashed.

Mission complete! Totally worth the $5. So, what else you got for us? By the way, M is completely scared of roller coasters. I even asked her if she would ride one if someone offered $3500 and she emphatically stated, "no!" So, keep that in mind. :)


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Do you dare me to...

...eat a balut?  (look it up, it doesn't look too appetizing) 
...welcome a stranger home at the airport?
...play "whoever has a sticker under their chair wins a prize" game on the subway or other public place?
...show up at a mattress store in my pajamas and a teddy bear and take a nap?
...dress as Washington and welcome people to "my" monument?

How much are these worth seeing to you? Just more thoughts to start you thinking.

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Ideas for dares:

Just to get the ideas flowing, here are some dares that we would accept:

-run around my block, in my swimming suit
-dress up like a clown and give people balloons
-hug random people
-eating really hot sauce ( I'm a wimp...)
(I'm thinking...)

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