T's Marvelous Medicine

Have you ever read George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl? Well, it's one of my (M.) favorite stories. A boy named George is being watched over by his awful grandmother. He decides to make a potion out of household items. Well, things become crazy, of course, as the story unfolds.I watch kids during the day, and take our son with me. It's lots of fun and the little boy that I watch also likes "George's Marvelous Medicine". Are you seeing the plot unfold?

Well, I gave the little boy rules about what he couldn't put in the concoction (no harmful chemicals or things that would make me sick). But, he put in some crazy stuff. And, then he dared me (for free) to drink a sip.

ingredients: 2% milk, water, sugar, cinnamon (sounds good, right?...just wait...) lemon juice, lime juice, and tobasco sauce.

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