Dare #1... Toothpaste and Orange Juice - $5

For $5, Mary, a good friend we knew when we lived in Cincinnati dared me to drink a glass of OJ directly after brushing my teeth. Nasty!

So what does this look like? Well, we took some photos for your enjoyment. For some reason, Asher wanted to join in on the "fun" so we have those pictures as well. Read more to see them!

Coincidentally, I recently heard a podcast from howstuffworks.com that told me why OJ tastes so bad after brushing. The culprit is likely sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which is the stuff that makes your toothpaste froth when brushing. Evidently, these suds block the sweet detecting buds on our tongue and destroy the phospholipids that normally block your bitter receptors. This creates the perfect storm for orange juice. The sweetness of the orange is blocked and whatever bitterness in the orange is unleashed.

Mission complete! Totally worth the $5. So, what else you got for us? By the way, M is completely scared of roller coasters. I even asked her if she would ride one if someone offered $3500 and she emphatically stated, "no!" So, keep that in mind. :)



Chrissy said...

That looks soooooo attractive lol.

J said...

Which one? The last? Thanks!

The Smith's Fridge Door said...

Michael hasn't heard about your fundraising blog, but don't worry, when he does I am sure he will have a really great dare for you to do... so be prepared...

J said...

LOL! I may get him to do some too eventually!

Seriously though, I am in need of some good dares so tell him to BRING IT ON!

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