$15 dare... The "Butt Cup"

I think I will forego the witty commentary on this one and just get to it. The dare was to spin 100 times in the "Butt Cup." Will J throw up? Does M have any sympathy for me after having to do the wasabi dare? Don't know what the "Butt Cup" is? Click on through for answers to all of these questions.

$15 for this dare. Thanks Mark, Holly, and Noah! We "enjoyed" your dare.

Tune in next time for sunscreen, naked backs, and uncomfortable interactions with strangers.


Holly said...

nice work! I think you did an excellent job with the video editting! Mark wanted me to tell you that we think you are the funnest people!


J said...

Did you notice Anne Rabe and Mika Rabe in the background? They came for a visit too!

Your Bro said...

This new baby will have no doubt about your desires for parenthood and that he/she is wanted.
Nice AirPlane!
Great Job Guys.

King Arthur said...

Yeah, I'm SO a fan of the editing. Super job! This really spices up a simple dare and makes it enjoyable for all :). Keep up the good work!

Brianna Jean said...

I love the music! I love using that song for videos.

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