The excitement is growing!

We know you are all waiting on the edges of your seats, wanting to know what M. and J. are up to. We have received 4 dares and are now ple-anning (that's preparing and planning) and scheming. We think you'll really love them. Click on to read about our thought process...

-What would be the most interesting for our loyal fans?
-How do we film something like this?
-Do we have all the needed supplies?
-How are we going to do with this kind of weather?

All these and more questions are always on our minds.

So, please be sure to come back to visit our blog. Or, click on the RSS feed button to know when we've updated. We sure are grateful to those of you who are following us and have made donations/dares! We recently got contacted by a group that highlights DC blogs. So, we'll link to that when the interview happens. Also, one of M's favorite adoption blogs might pick up our story too!! Remember, no donation is too small!


Yo Bro said...

We are sure on the edge of our seats! You never disipoint.

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