$20 dare - Eat a Ball of Wasabi

Has anyone noticed that M is the one that has been doing most of these dares? I'm not going to tell her and see if she notices.

Bruce, from Utah, offered M $20 if she would eat a marble-sized ball of wasabi. Did she do it? Yes! And with gusto! Watch the video to see the whole thing and click on to learn more about wasabi.
We get wasabi from the wasabi root which is in the same family as mustard and horseradish. Wasabi actually does its work more in the nasal passages than on the tongue. In fact, it has similar effects to smelling salts and has even been tested as a fire alarm for the deaf. The Japanese love it so much that they have to import some to supplement the amount they grow. Traditionally, the root is ground using a dried shark skin.

I hope our family and friends are enjoying this blog. It seems like a fun way to keep up with us. We don't use twitter even though tweets like, "just ate a ball of wasabi" and "just sent a slinky down the western hemisphere's longest escalator" would be fun to read.


M. said...

You couldn't see it but, tears were streaming down my face! That was some crazy stuff. And, nice editing job too, J. I look crazy in that last shot! HA!

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